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About us

ScamAudit was created with the purpose of advising common people about which websites they can trust with their personal information and other sensitive data and which they should use caution with.

Since more of our life is getting dependant on Internet year after year, the issue of safety and trustability are gaining more and more importance. We analyze millions of domains every month and check for hundred of thousands of new websites every day in an attempt to provide solution for just the same.

There are around 140 million registered websites on the Internet, and new ones appear every day. So, it becomes a major challenge for a common Internet user to identify if the website he is using is trustworthy or not. Out website was born with a desire to solve this problem in a simple and intuitive manner. We want to help the users to find out basic trust parameters of any website in as convenient way as possible. And, we want to help the users understand how those parameters contribute to the trustability of any given website.