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Online Yes
Alexa Rank 153,962
Facebook Likes

This website seems suspicious.

Trust Score: 59%
Confidence: High

  • They send unwanted offers to my resume email. That means they are using a mailing list that contains email address that were stolen off resumes.

    My email should NOT be on the mailing list for any reason. I never sign up for anything using it. I never give it to anyone, except for potential employers. Clearly they found my resume on career builder or glassdoor, and they put it on their list.

    When I ask them to unsubscribe, they only unsubscribe me from the specific campaign. I want them to remove me permanently.

    Posted by Rouge SCAM hunter on 2018-12-31 15:11:34

  • Hello Kindra. I'm new to this but I'm really trying to find ways to make more money but I keep getting redirected to another sight for more "samples" with nothing but questions. I'm not sure if this sight really works but I'm not answering anymore questions.

    Posted by Sylenya “Cake Lady 28” Price on 2017-09-17 03:27:02

  • I was just wondering has anyone actually received any free samples from this site? It seems to just keep asking me for information. I have not ever received my free samples, no matter how far I go into the surveys.

    Posted by Kindra Moore on 2017-03-29 22:59:19

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Visitors Analysis
800 everyday $241 monthly
Samplesandsavings.com is not so popular. According to our estimates it receives around 800 visitors every day and has the potential to earn around $241 monthly from advertisement. The site is also ranked as the 153,962 most visited website on the Internet.
Server Location United States of America
The IP of the website suggests that its servers are located in United States of America.
Contact Details
Contact Email
( )
Registrant Name
Mohit Singla

Trust Factors Details

Website Age
4 years Trust Impact

Samplesandsavings.com is around 4 years old, which shows that it is a medium age website. Older websites are considered to be more trustworthy and usually we advice to use caution with websites which are younger than 1 year.

Domain Expiry
2 years Trust Impact

A website with a domain expiration time of less than 1 year is considered to be less reliable. The time can be extended by the website owner in the future, and it doesn't mean that the website will vanish after 2 years. Still, the value indicates how serious the website owners are with regard to their website, and you should use caution with websites which have domain expiration period of less than 1 year.

Alexa Rank
153,962 Trust Impact

Alexa rank is a measure of the popularity of the website, a lower alexa rank indicates more visitors, and hence more reliability. Samplesandsavings.com is ranked 153,962 most visited website on the Internet, out of millions of active websites, which is alright.

Family Safe
No Trust Impact

This parameter indicates if the content of the website is considered safe for family. We use smart contextual algorithms to determine if a website contains adult content.

Whois Info
Available Trust Impact

More trustworthy websites have their contact information visible in the whois records. Samplesandsavings.com has its contact information freely available in whois records, which asserts their trustworthiness.

Google Safebrowsing
Safe Trust Impact

Samplesandsavings.com is considered to be safe by the Google Safebrowsing service. Google Safebrowsing service checks for malware and phishing on the websites.

0 Trust Impact

Pagerank is measured on a scale of 1-10, a higher pagerank means more trust. Pagerank is a rank given by Google to all the websites, and it shows how well connected the website is with other websites on the Internet. You should exercise caution while making payment to the websites which have a Pagerank of 0.

Wot Rating
Suspicious Trust Impact

Samplesandsavings.com is considered to be suspicious by the MyWOT rating service. MyWOT is a external rating service, and their ratings are a measure of trust shown in the website by their users.

Norton Safeweb
Safe Trust Impact

This website is considered to be safe by the Norton Safeweb rating service. The more trust a website have from external rating services the more sure you can be about its safety.